How to buy a flat with a loan?

The number of high standard properties and expensive apartments in the offer of brokerage offices increases from quarter to quarter.

Developers are giving away new investments and are starting to build another large housing estates, some of those who bought apartments there are deciding to sell. A new type of offer has emerged on the secondary market. “Primary secondary market”.

Higher prices for these new premises result not only from the comfort and development standard but above all from their attractive location. This phenomenon is one of the reasons why prices on the secondary market are rising. Not the only one.

There are several reasons

There are several reasons

Soaring prices during the last dozen or so months have meant that some buyers can afford (after selling the property) more – e.g. buying a flat in a better neighborhood, in an old tenement house or even for a house conversion;

some simply want to capitalize the profit as soon as possible: this is evidenced by the fact that assignment of rights to property not yet built is increasingly being sold;

Less optimistic scenarios are not an exception, as the owners are forced to sell new flats due to changes in material circumstances because they cannot afford to pay back the loan.

There are already such new flats on the secondary market

There are already such new flats on the secondary market

In the Tri-City, depending on the district, from 2 to 5 percent, in Kraków, Warsaw and Łódź this indicator is even higher.

The vast majority of premises bought for speculative purposes are sold two years after construction, and this criterion should be taken as the most important when classifying.

The “primary secondary market” is therefore made up of properties that will be constructed (and which are speculated on the basis of the assignment of rights) and newly built facilities that are no more than two years old. They significantly affect the average price of real estate in the secondary market.

In practice, realtors assume that this group also includes real estate in the so-called new seals that are up to five years old. Some add that depending on the attractiveness and – above all, prices – flats up to 8 years old can be considered new.

What buyers are asking about

What buyers are asking about

Here is a catalog of questions most often asked by real estate clients considering buying an apartment that qualifies for the “primary-secondary market” we have defined.

Can I sell an apartment that was bought on a mortgage?

In a situation where the buyer is not able to pay in cash but is forced to take a loan, can he buy the premises with the loan being rewritten?

How is the procedure for buying a flat with a loan and mortgage different from buying on the primary market?
It’s not that hard. The sale (and therefore the purchase) of an apartment that has been purchased on credit and is therefore mortgaged – it is possible and the procedure for carrying out such a transaction is not too complicated. There are also no obstacles to finance your transaction with your next mortgage.